Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Paris By Night 114... A Beautiful Feast For The Senses... Pechanga Resort & Casino... Temecula, CA

Paris By Night... A Beautiful Feast For The Senses... 
Photos above by Billy Bennight
Photos below courtesy of Paris By Night

Bravo to the immensely popular and highly acclaimed  Paris By Night 114 which I attended Easter Day with my photographer pal Billy Bennight at the beautiful Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula.  The exquisitely produced live show featured a cast of over 100 talented performers including Anh Minh, Diem Suong, Ha Vy, Hoang Nhung, Huong Thuy, Ky Phuong Uyen, Lam Anh, Mai-Thien Van, Minh Tuyet,  Nhu Quynh, Ngoc Ha, Ngoc Anh, Quynh Vi, Tam Doan, Thanh Ha, Thu Phuong, Bang Kieu, Bao Khanh, Don Ho, Dinh Bao, Justin Nguyen, Luong Tung Quang, Mai Tien Dung, Ngoc Ngu, Quang Le, Tran Thai Hoa, Thien Ton, Trinh Lam and Tuan Ngoc.  The show also included a great comedy routine featuring Hong  Dao and Quang Minh along with Bang Kieu.

 The 4 hour live concert was smoothly MC'd by longtime hosts Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen.  Paris By Night 114: 1975 - 2015 - Toi La Nguol Viet Nam (I Am Vietnamese)  is a global phenomenon which commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon with popular Vietnamese language music and dance.  It was a great seamlessly produced visual extravaganza produced by a hard working team that includes Emmy Award winning director Ron De Moraes and choreography by Emmy Award winner Shanda Sawyer who has been with the show for 20 years!  The first Paris By Night event was produced in Paris, France in 1983.  Paris By Night concerts feature top singers and dancers from the Vietnamese culture and cost $1.5 million to produce each year at sold out venues around the world.  The accompanying photos illustrate the lavish production values the Thuy Nga Production is famous for.  Thuy Nga Productions was started in 1972 in Saigon and is the largest and most popular Vietnamese entertainment company in the world.  Visit to see their products and merchandise. 

On April 30th 1975 history was made when  Communist Vietnamese forces captured the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon marking the end of the Vietnam War and the start of reunification, transitioning Vietnam into a socialist republic.  Four decades later Paris By Night 114 commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon.  The event featured nearly two dozen acclaimed guests in person or by previously recorded video greetings including Retired US Navy Rear Admiral Bill Mathis, gold medalist chef Khai Duong, Texas State Representative Hubert Vo, US Naval Training Commander Hung Cao, California State Senator Janet Nguyen, fashion designer Nha Khanh, Westminster Mayor Ta Duc Tri, news anchor Thuy Vu, NASA Hall of Fame Engineer Trinh Tien Trinh and others.

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