Monday, April 27, 2015

Coming Soon... Bette Davis/Paul Henreid Tribute... Generation Sex... The Anarchist... My Child-Mothers of War

I had the pleasure of seeing several great productions recently...  Generation Sex @ LATC would make Madonna blush...  Felicity Huffman & Rebecca Pidgeon are extraordinary in David Mamet's The Anarchist @ The Asylum...  Ed Asner shows us who's the king of comedy in a staged reading of Gone Asunder @ Theater 40...  Monika Henreid shares stories about her matinee idol father Paul Henreid & close friend Bette Davis @ The Areo...  I went with my friend Kathleen Hughes who was a Paul Henreid discovery & had a blast.... & the excellent  cast of My Child-Mothers of War starring Frances Fisher, Mimi Rogers, Melina Kanakaredes, Laura Ceron, Monique Edwards & Anna Giannotis get emotionally bare in this powerful true piece...  Details & Much More SooN with photos by Billy Bennight...  HH

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