Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"The Search For General Tso" Special Los Angeles Engagement

I'm looking forward to the special Los Angeles screenings of director/writer Ian Cheney's "The Search for General Tso" which plays January 2nd thru January 8th at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood.  The Sundance Selects documentary produced by Jennifer Lee & Amanda Murray is a USA/Taiwan/China production running 71 minutes in English.  I'm curious to find out who was General Tso & why we are eating his chicken & I'm told that this feature documentary explores the origins & ubiquity of Chinese-American food through the story of the iconic & spicy chicken dish.  Following Sunday's screening at 5:10 pm there will be a special Q&A with producer Jennifer Lee moderated by food blogger Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch) & KCRW's Evan Kleiman (Good Food) which includes General Tso chicken  served in the  courtyard - sounds tantalizing...  Tickets are only $15 for this special event.  According to EFilm Critic "If all you've ever done is eaten the chicken, you'll learn about immigration, community, cuisine & Oing Dynasty history."  Visit www.arenascreen.com for show times & to find out what else is screening at the Arena.  HH

Monday, December 15, 2014

Karen Sharpe Kramer Honored @ Long Beach's Filmmakers' Gallery

Karen Sharpe Kramer & Kat Kramer

The Filmmakers' Gallery in Long Beach honors Karen Sharpe Kamer

Filmmakers' Gallery owners Paul Belsito (left) & Steven Roche (right) book end Karen Sharpe Kamer & Kat Kramer on the red carpet

We had a great time on Sunday in Long Beach at the The Filmmakers' Gallery's warm tribute to actress/producer/philanthropist Karen Sharpe Kramer.  The event was hosted by the gallery's owners Paul Belsito & Steven Roche who are good friends with Karen & her daughter Katharine "Kat" Kramer.  Guests enjoyed nibbles in the cozy screening room while watching 2 episodes of the iconic series "I Dream of Jeannie" which Karen starred in as Melissa, Major Nelson's lovely fiancee.  Next on the screening schedule was her film "The Disorderly Orderly" which she starred in with Jerry Lewis.   Karen won a Golden Globe 1952 for Best Newcomer in John Wayne's "The High & the Mighty".   The gallery is located at 2238 East Broadway -  for more visit www.filmmakersgallery.com   HH

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hell Cab..... Almost, Maine... Bob's Holiday Office Party...

I really enjoyed this very entertaining quick running one act 70 minute show currently at the Elephant Stages on Santa Monica Boulevard.  Hell Cab is back by popular demand for the holidays and well directed by David Fofi.   The production written by Will Kern originates from Chicago where it's been one of the longest running shows in the city's history.  The premise is simple & well executed... a collection of colorful scenes from a day in the life of a nice well meaning Chicago cabbie at Christmas time and according to production notes 85% true.  The other 15% are based on stories he heard.  Hell Cab is a wild funny & touching ride with excellent acting from the terrific cast of 25 plus performers, many playing multiple characters.  The scenerios range from bickering siblings, bible thumpers, druggies, pyschos, amorous lesbians,  obnoxious NY tourists, a pregnant woman on the verge of giving birth, a rape victim, a selfish conceited businessman on the make, an emotionally abused woman realizing her boyfriend isn't worth her time anymore & many more interesting tales.  Visit www.plays411.net/hellcab for more information and to book your ride...  HH


Almost, Maine is a very satisfying, sweet & charming new production now playing at the Hudson Mainstage Theatre on Santa Monica Boulevard.   The very appealing play written by John Cariani is all about the many facets of love experienced on a cold wintery nite by the residents of a small American town that almost doesn't exist.  The series of 9 mini plays  features a stellar cast & is well directed by Martin Papazian who also performs in one of the heartwarming stories called Her Heart.  According to the program notes Almost, Maine is a town that's so far north it's almost not in the United Sates - it's almost in Canada.  And it almost doesn't exist becaue its residents never got around to geting organized so it's just Almost.  With that in mind the plot feature some pretty quirky stories, characters & situations that touch the heart & soul.  I enjoyed my visit to the magical town of Almost, Maine & I think you will too.   For more information visit www.plays411.comalmostmaine & www.almostmainela.com  Photos by Dan Warner Photography & Christopher Amitrano...   HH

Wow...  that was the wildest craziest holiday party/play I've ever witnessed!  Now in its 19th season Bob's Holiday Office Party directed with pizzazz by Craig Anton recently opened to an enthustiastic packed house of fans at the Pico Playhouse Theater at 10508 W. Pico.  I think the picture above is worth a thousand words & indicates that this funny raunchfest is not for prudes or the faint of heart.  This wild & crazy crowd pleaser was written & created by its two stars Joe Keyes & Rob Elk who play best pals Sheriff Joe Walker & insurance agent Bob Finhead & is a crazy ride from start to finish.  The characters are great & eccentric & the performers are top notch.  For more information about the craziest holiday party in town visit www.bobsofficeparty.com  Photo by Roger Nygard...  HH 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Singer Roger Neal Debuts Excellent "Behind The Christmas Lights"... & A Very Enjoyable "Almost, Maine" @ The Hudson Theatre

Congratulations to talented 18 year old vocalist Roger Neal on his great new single "Behind The Christmas Lights"! Roger is an excellent singer & the upbeat catchy pop song is terrific & just in time for the holidays!  "Behind The Christmas Lights" was written & produced by Elaine Macaluso & music producer Brian Blake.  The very cool video for the single can be seen online @ www.youtube.com/therealrogerneal & the song can be purchased on iTunes.  10% of the profits will go to charity.  ""Behind the Christmas Lights" is an original new holiday song that speaks to the true meaning of the holidays beyond presents & lights"  says tunesmith Elaine Macaluso & adds "The song is all about family & the spirit of Christmas."  Music Producer Brian Blake says "Roger Neal has a great ear in the studio and was great to work with - for someone who is new he handles himself in a recording session like a pro."  Good luck Mr. Neal - the song is great! HH
Recording artist Roger Neal appears on Gary Garver's show Controlled Chaos on 1150 a.m. radio to promote his single "Behind the Christmas Lights".

Info about "Almost, Maine" soon! HH