Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dick Cavett Stars in Hellman V. McCarthy... Theatre 40

A fun nite at the Theatre 40 opening of Hellman v. McCarthy starring TV legend Dick Cavett as himself, Flora Plumb as literary great Lillian Hellman & Marcia Rodd as her tongue wagging nemesis writer/critic Mary McCarthy.  The interesting & very entertaining play based on true facts includes what if fantasy scenes & is well written by Brian Richard Mori & well directed by Howard Storm.  Back in 1980 when Dick Cavett was hosting a show on PBS Mary McCarthy appeared and made provocative & insulting comments about Lillian Hellman which included "everything she writes is a lie including and & the".  Unfortunately for her the very wealthy Lillian Hellman was watching the episode and went on to sue the less successful Mary McCarthy which almost bankrupted her.  The fast moving 90 minute play is performed without intermission rehashing the famous lawsuit with great performances from Cavett, Plumb & Rodd plus great work by M. Rowan Meyer as Hellman's put upon caregiver and Martin Thompson & John Combs as legal counsel.  Cavett, Meyer & Rodd reprise their performances from their off Broadway run last year.  Hellman v. McCarthy plays til February 28 followed by a special performance at the Saban Theatre on March 1.  For more information  visit - Highly recommended!  Kudos to producer David Hunt Stafford on this excellent production!  Enjoy...  HH

pictures soon

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