Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Deeply Moving "Time Stands Still" at The Secret Rose Theatre

Aidan Bristow & Presciliana T. Esparolini

Nik Isbelle, Aidan Bristow, Troy Ruptash & Presciliana T. Esparolini....  Photos by Dan Warner Studios
Time Stands Still is a very deeply moving & touching play written by Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Marguiles & directed by the talented Vicky Jenson now playing at the Sacred Rose Theatre in North Hollywood.   It is a very complex story dealing with the very complex characters of burnt out journalism couple Sarah & James & their best friends - the not so complex couple Richard & the much younger open minded Mandy.   Sarah returns to the US badly injured physically & emotionally while on a photography assignment in Iraq.   James is there for her 24/7 & is determined to nurse her & their relationship back to health whatever it takes but the path to recovery is very painful & not easy.... if the couple were to label their relationship on facebook it would most likely say "it's complicated".   The drama features 4 very gifted performers... Presciliana T. Esparolini as Sarah, Aidan Bristow as James, Troy Ruptash as Richard & Nik Isbelle as Mandy.  While Sarah & James are dealing with their long term relationship & Sarah's ill health their best friend/boss Richard is nearly feeling euphoria with his much younger new girlfriend, the free spirited, vibrant & funny Mandy.  "She's not young... she's embriotic" says Sarah at one point.  Sarah seems to think Mandy is something of a ditz but she's actually nobody's fool & has at the courage to speak up for what she believes in.  For more information about this very well written & performed play visit www.TimeStandsStill.LA

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