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WGA's Behind The Screen 2014 Winter Edition... The Vortex... Women.... The Italian In Me... L.A. Auto Show...


Noel Coward's The Vortex which first premiered on the London stage in 1924 gets a mod 1960s reboot in this sizzling hot new production now playing at The Matrix Theatre on Melrose.  Says director  Gene Franklin Smith... "Coward never wrote another play quite like The Vortex again.  He created a juicy role for himself, including drug abuse, repressed homosexuality & Oedipal jealousy, knowing full well it would make him a star.  The Vortex doesn't sit on the same high Pantheon as Private Lives or Blithe Spirit, but it is far more contemporary than Coward's other works, and you would swear it was written today & not 90 years ago."   The award winning cast is terrific & stars Shannon Holt as famous self involved stage actress Florence, Craig Robert Young as her confused son Nicky, Victoria Hoffman as her best pal Helen, Daniel Jimenez as her not so secret lover Tom, Skye LaFontaine as Bunty (Nick's recent fiancee), John Mawson as Florence's downtrodden husband David & Cameron Mitchell Jr as her other very colorful pal Pawnie.  The Vortex plays til December 14 & is well worth watching - very funny, sometimes shocking & very poignant with great acting, great writing plus very cool sets/lighting design/costumes/ hair & makeup & choreography.  For more information visit or call 323 960 7735

I was fortunate to catch the last performance of the hit play Women at Theatre Asylum on Santa Monica Boulevard.  The buzz was right...  another great show on the Los Angeles stage with a dynamite cast! Jo March thinks she is the voice of her generation... or at least, a voice, of a generation.  Women is a hilarious fast moving 50 minute mash up of Mary Alcott's clasic Little Women & HBO's hot hit Girls.  The cast features Lauren Flans as Jo, Erika Rankin as Meg, Bridgette Valdez as Beth, Jacquie Walters as Amy, Chris Farah as Marmee, Clayton Farris as Laurie, Joseph Patrick O'Malley as Mr. Brooke,Ben Moroski as Professor Bhaer & JB Waterman as Mr. Lawrence/Clovis/Carl.  I thoroughly enjoyed this production written by Chiara Atik & directed by Stephanie Ward.  For more information visit & see it next time it plays!

Another great WGA event!  Detailz soon... HH

The Italian In Me is a spicy & colorful one woman show starring & written by talented Italian-Canadian actress Dina Morrone ("Moose on the Loose") which details her exploits & sexploits in Italy where she persued acting at the beginnng of her career.   The show, which had a limited run at at the beautiful Marilyn Monroe Theatre located on Santa Monica Boulevard at the Lee Strassberg Institute,  is a hilarious crowd pleaser - many times I overheard the Italian women in the audience laughing & exclaiming "yes... that's what it's like, yes that's what it's like" as the dynamic & feisty Ms. Morrone shared her adventures and misadventures in the Italian film & television industry.  Her recollections about her meeting with Italian director Federico Fellini was my favorite part of the show followed by basking in the holy light of the Pope, plus her stories about her beloved Italian grandmother Nona & all the Italian saints she prays to - there's a saint for just about every predicament in life -  plus her toothless priest character was very funny also.  The show also features great music, lighting & sexy silhouette costume changes.  HH

Paul Newman's race car now owned by Adam Corolla

Amazing Vintage Cars... Los Angeles Auto Show...  Press Day 2

Photo Credits:  Billy Bennight, Michael Jones, Harrison Held, Bob Delgadillo & The McCarthy Studios

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