Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jackie Coogan Centennial.... So You Want To Be A Vampire

Keith Coogan, Claudia Wells & Corey Feldman

Keith Coogan, Harrison Held & Erin Murphy
 It was fun mingling with the guests at the reception to celebrate the centennial of late screen star Jackie Coogan.  The event hosted by grandson Keith Coogan was held last nite followed by a screening of the Chaplin classic silent film "The Kid" at the Arena Theater in Hollywood.  "The Kid" was Chaplin's first full length film and was the biggest hit of 1921.  It was especially nice to see my old pals Jill Adams & Kip Adams with their kids in attendance. 

Jackie Coogan & Charlie Chaplin in The Kid

Cheryl Gelling & Erin Murphy

Hollywood's dark side comes alive in Eclectic Company Theatre's hip goth  production of "So You Want To Be A Vampire" now playing at 5312 Laurel Canyon in North Hollywood.  After a string of bad relationships a nice, pretty, somewhat gullible redheaded young lady named Brenda (Erin Treanor) has given up on mortal men and becomes fixated on Fino (Edward Alvarado) a cool bad ass vampire she's been tracking on the internet.  The talented cast also includes Joven Calloway as Joe the bodygard, Andrew Collie as goth hipster Kevin , Olivia Gadson as Georgette (Brenda's best friend) & Thi Nguyen as goth princess & Fino associate Alexandra.  This very enjoyable intriguing one act modern fable has a lot of bite & was written by Marni L.B. Troop & is well directed by Natasha Troop.  Cool music helps to flesh out the storyline.  For more information visit

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