Friday, October 17, 2014

Premeditation... Encuentro 2014 National Theatre Festival @ LATC

Premeditation's Great Cast... (left to right) Geoffrey Rivas, Lucy Rodriguez,  Sal Lopez & Evelina Fernandez

Sal Lopez & Evelina Fernandez star in Premeditation @ LATC... photos: Ed Krieger

Kudos to the entire team behind "Premeditation" a stylish new comedy written by talented lead actress  Evelina Fernandez.  The play  opened last nite at Encuentro 2014 National Theatre Festival at the LATC downtown on Spring street.  The story takes place in the present but has a distinctive very appealing noir look.  The cast and production values are first rate and well directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela...  I've enjoyed previous work by Fernandez & Valenzuela & Premeditation,  their latest collaboration,  really works...   2 polar opposite couples discover they have a lot more in common then you would think.  The play begins with snazzy,  surprising choreography and music and features excellent rear screen projection throughout.  Evelina Fernandez is a wonderful actress & writer.  She's written a great new piece which showcases her acting well and that of her co-stars.  Her yuppie professor husband is well played by Geoffrey Rivas and the other couple are great as well, played with blue collar gusto by Sal Lopez & Lucy Rodriguez.  The plot takes a surprising 360 in this fast moving 90 minute piece performed with no intermission.  Premeditation runs till November 7th. Visit for more information about this play and other productions in the Encuentro 2014 National Theatre Festival...  HH


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