Sunday, October 12, 2014

Garbo's Cuban Lover @ Macha Theatre

Wonderful Cast...  Angela Nicholas as enigmatic screen star Greta Garbo & Odalys Nanin as Mercedes de Acosta... photo by Kelly Munis

I love talented Odalys Nanin's new reimagined version of  "Garbo's Cuban Lover" which opened last nite at the Macha Theatre on Kings Road.  The version I saw back in 2011 was great and I enjoyed the latest production even more!   The fictionalized story is co-directed with sizzle by Laura Butler and is defintely worth seeing especially if you are a fan of Greta Garbo & classic Hollywood.  The Cuban lover in the title is the gutsy and passionate Mercedes de Acosta  wonderfully portrayed by Odalys Nanin.  Mercedes was an MGM screenwriter who had affairs with some of the most illustrious actresses & writers of the 20th century.  She was ahead of her time, wore men's suits and lived as she wanted. The love of her life was Greta Garbo played superbly by Angela Nicholas.  The play is a  passionate stroll down the colorful memory lanes of Hollywood and features a great supporting cast -  Lori Allen Thomas as screenwriter Salka Viertel - Garbo's scheming best friend and former lover...  Boyanna Balta is wonderful as Mercedes' confidante and former lover dancer Isadora Duncan & as Isabela a friend who takes care of her later in life.  Dorian Martin keeps things moving along doing triple duty and a fine job as Mr. Van Stein, Editor & Irving Thalberg.  Margo Allison shines as the over sexed Marlene Dietrich & Starlet while Mantha Balourdo is a hoot as sexy Poppy Kirk (Mercedes' French lover who thinks she's Asian)  & Starlet.   The beautiful art deco set is designed by John Toom.  For more information and reservations visit or call 323 960 7862.  Enjoy! HH

Actress writer producer director Odalys Nanin (center in red) is joined by "Garbo's Cuban Lover" cast members (from left) Mantha Balourdou, entertainment reporter Harrison Held, Angela Nicholas, Dorian Martin, Margo Alison, Lori Allen Thomas & Boyana Balta...  photo by Billy Bennight

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