Saturday, September 27, 2014

Theatre 40's "Affluence" Is A Rich Treat... Pasadena Playhouse Presents "Kiss Me Kate"!


Tss tss... This poor millionaire family is having a hard time making ends meet...  The pill popping addict wife (played by Rhonda Lord whose character deserves a bitch of the century award) has mired the family in scandal and the settlement will only help to deplete the family fortune.  What's to be done?  "Affluence" is a great new dark comedy at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills featuring a solid cast and a compelling fresh & original storyline.  It is well directed by Larry Eisenberg and written by Steve Peterson who won the 2013 Julie Harris Award for playwriting.  The plot takes place during the holiday season - this family is faced with more than your average holiday anxieties!  The cool comfortable set was designed by Jeff G. Kech.  Have yourself a very scary little pre holiday season & see this play before it closes on October 20th.  For more information visit    HH








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