Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kat Kramer Rocks It In "My Duet With Mick"!

What a fun nite last nite...  Kat Kramer was excellent in her 1 woman showcase of "My Duet With Mick" with musical director Shelly Markham @ The Los Angeles Women's Theater Festival at The  "Ivy Substation".  The "Ivy"  is a very cool venue and home of Tim Robbin's Actor' Gang in downtown Culver City.  Last nite's program was called "Of Culture, Of Self" and was presented in 4 acts -  4 talented & diverrse ladies' perspectives on womanhood. 

"My Duet with Mick"'s Kat Kramer (second from right) with friends & colleagues...  left to right: Steven Roche, Saryan Idan ("Homeless in the Homeland"), Paul Belsito, Brynn Cannon, Harrison Held & far right Ada Luz Pla ("Tacing My Lineage - A Story of a Puerto Rican Spitfire") Photo by Bob Delgadillo
"My Duet with Mick" is a colorful original one-woman-musical-solo-show that follows Kat's journey down "Rolling Stones Road" to meet the great and all powerful "Sir Mick of Jagger".  Along the musical way Kat meets some very unique characters and has important self realizations & discoveries.  Kat showcased 30 very enjoyable minutes of her 60 minute show which she plans to tour on stage in the near future and develop into other mediums.  "I hope that "My Duet with Mick" touches a chord in all humans about reaching for a goal against all obstacles, and simply believing in dreams!"  she says.
The show cleverly mixes classic rock with musical theatre...  "I have to say that the concept, story and characters came to me as a "vision" and everything kind of fell in place once I decided to do a solo piece about my journey to get Sir Mich Jagger to sing a duet with me.  I recorded an album called "Gemstone - Kat Kramer Sings Mick Jagger" and when it's released the proceeds will go to music education".  Kat adds "My Godmother is Katharine Hepburn and Auntie Kate in the show is an important character and represents my alter ego.  She is also based on Auntie Em.  Rubie Tuesday is a Hippie Chick/Groupie version of Glinda The Good Witch.  Ruby is the Guardian of Gemstone City and she is the gatekeeper for the elusive Sir Mick of Jagger!" 
"There will be two more key characters introduced in the entire show...  I am also very influenced by early Lily Tomlin on her variety television specials as well as Bette Midler.  Shelly Goldstein wrote the brilliant parodies "Part of Their World" which I debuted last nite and "Katharine With An 'A' which is a parody of "Liza With A 'Z'".  Adds Kat "I want to play Palm Springs and eventually open in Los Angeles as well as my goal to take it to New York!" 
"Following in the footsteps of Lily Tomlin in "Appearing Nitely" & "The Search For Intelligent Life In the Universe" written for Lily by Jane Wagner, as well as Billy Crystal's "700 Sundays" and the recent "Buyer and Cellar" my show is part autobiographical/part fantasy and parodies such classics as "The Wizard of Oz", "Peter Pan" & "Alice In Wonderland."
Kat Kramer rehearsing at the Debbie Reynolds Studio
 "I would love to play the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Center in Conneticut (of which I'm the West Coast Representative) as well as the Mick Jagger Center in London!  I am on the Governing Board of the Los Angeles Theatre Festival and I am working to expand their educational outreach, plus have some great ideas for the up-coming LAWFTR in March 2015!  It is a very exciting time!"
"My choreographer is Kay Cole.  She staged the show and we worked on dance moves.... She was the original Maggie in "A Chorus Line" on Broadway.  "My Duet with Mick" was inspired by the hit indie film "My Date with Drew" and has been a while in the making.   I'm looking forward to a long run with it!"

Kat is joined by Will & Grace's Shelley Morrison, photo by Bob Delgadillo

Kat with Andrea Marcovicci, photo by Bob Delgadillo

Kat Kramer gets her "Jagger" on in "My Duet with Mick" Photo by Bob Delgadillo


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