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Christy McGinity Gibel  & Vida Ghaffari in the intriguing black & white Strangers In A Notebook which screened recently at the Action On Film Festival held at the Krikorian Theatre in Monrovia.  The talented & vivacious Ms. Ghaffari  was also one of the producers & appeared in two other movies in the festival!

The Reward is a sweet & hilarious family friendly movie written and directed by Yolanda Romersa about young moms & their "oh so talented kids" with a dramatic twist and is definitely worth checking out!  The story line was inspired while Ms. Romersa overheard her daughters and her  "Mommy" friends lovingly  boasting how talented each of their own kids is.  Ms. Romersa's directorial debut was Paloma which she starred in with Steven Bauer and garnered many awards.   I also enjoyed the Canadian  film Sudden Samurai which was also part of the short film block.  The Reward's inspiring  poster (above) was designed by Alex Benavides.  The talented cast includes Reyna Day, Mariah McGinnis Brown, Edwonda Williams, Kelly Beltran, Erin Stegeman, Mariah Young, Brian LaMont, Alden Lomeli, Yocani Toratuih, Mauricio Lowry, Brandon Young, Josiah Brown Jr, Josiah Brown, Art Parga, Don Harris, Jesse Estevez & Harrison Held.

On The Red Carpet...  The Reward's Yolanda Romersa &  Harrison Held are joined by Strangers In A Notebook's Vida Ghaffari (2nd from right),  Pooneh Navab (far right)  & Pedram Navab (far left)

The Reward's  cast members on the red carpet at the Action on Film Festival...  It was like a family reunion!  Great to see Yolanda Romersa, Jesse Estevez, Reyna Young, Mary Fry, Doris Chan, Brian Lamont +++ Photo Courtesy Nance Broderzen

Man of the Hour Bob Esty interviewed by Harrison Held

It was great to interview music legend Bob Esty about his work with Cher, Barbra Streisand,
Donna Summer & Dusty Springfield... to name a few... at a special screening of the Streisand/O'Neal starrer The Main Event at the beautiful Filmmakers' Gallery in Long Beach.  The evening was hosted by owners Paul Belsito & Steven Roche and included a great Q&R hosted by L.A. Talk Radio's Sheena Metal. Great to see chanteuse Irene Soderberg there as well - she's working on a recording with Bob.   Thanks to producer/computer wizard Michael Steindel for shooting the red carpet interviews & to the Filmmakers' Gallery for their generous hospitality.

EMMY FEVER....   Bob Mauro, President of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences joins Donelle Dadigan, President and Founder of the Hollywood Museum at  the museum's "Best In Television... EMMYS 2015 Exhibition" classy opening nite event. The beautiful exhibition showcases the best of television with the largest selection of authentic costumes and unique props from this year's nominated shows and 'fan favorites' and will run from September 16 through November 1. I had a great time looking at the displays and seeing friends (great food too) but I could only stay for 45 minutes as I had to zip over to The Ruby Theatre on Santa Monica for the world premiere of talented actress/writer's Jillian Leigh's edgy new play called "Hooked" which I reviewed for Discover Hollywood Magazine.   Hollywood Museum Photos by Bill Dow.

The beautiful Hollywood Museum is located on the south east corner of Hollywood and Highland

Patrika Darbo and Richard Herd

                                                                            Romi Dames & Jorge Del Busto                                                                            

Screen vets Diane Ladd & George Hamilton meet the media after announcing this years nominees for the Family Film Awards at a luncheon recently at the Universal Sheraton.  Also joining FFA founder Dr. Antonio Gellini and administrative director Munni Irone were Shari Belafonte and Paul Sorvino - Calico Band provided great music & the chicken was delicious lol.

George Hamilton interviewed by host BJ Korros... That's super publicist Roger Neal in the middle.

Paul Betts, Andrea Sorrentino, Doris Roberts & Harrison Held

The Italian Connection.... Mariella Salvatori, Florindo Bandolini & Mara New

"The Secret of Joy"...  I attended a terrific luncheon hosted by actress/producer Mara New at the Beverly Hills Women's Club - now celebrating their centennial -  honoring talented Italian designer Andrea Sorrentino who's latest film The Secret of Joy opens soon.  Cast members Doris Roberts & Paul Betts attended showing their support as well as Y&R's Kate Linder.  The event benefited Kids Cancer Research Association and included several of Mr. Sorrentino's beautiful designs from The Secret of Joy and a behind the scenes short showing the designer at work.  Bravo Sr. Sorrentino & as always thanks to photographer by Billy Bennight for the great photos!

Kate Linder, Mumsey Nemiroff, Andrea Sorrentio, Mara New & Doris Roberts

Beautiful gown & headpiece designed by Andrea Sorrentino

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