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Danny and The Deep Blue Sea dt at the LATC on Spring Street...  A Very Very Wild Ride & Strong Performances... Extended to August 1... Starring Hugo Medina & Sofia Yepes & directed by Fidel Gomez... Photo courtesy LATC

Lily Tomlin & Kat Kramer.... Lily's many fans & friends are ecstatic about her latest screen project called Grandma directed by talented nice guy Paul Weitz.  There is lots of early awards season buzz about her performance for her role in this film plus for her fine work with Jane Fonda in their hit  Netflix series Grace andFrankie.  Lily also keeps busy doing multiple live concerts every year... WoW...  She Is Amazing & deserves every award under the sun!    Photo by Bob Delgadillo

Standing out in the crowd in his white tux....  Congratulations to talented singer Roger Neal who appears in the new music video Dream It! Believe It! directed by Fame's Debbie Allen.  Ms. Allen  teamed up with Grand Arts High School to make the video to help support arts education in schools.

Rico Simonini as Dracula, Joelle Arqueros as Studio Exec & Harrison Held as Renfield....
 I had a blast performing in Down For The Count at the popular Fringe Festival in a series called Hollywood Shorts produced by writer  Dallas Bancroft and directed by John Fingal  O'Donnell.  The series was produced at the famous Asylum Theater on Santa Monica where I've always wanted to perform... Dreams Do Come True... Thanxs Dallas & John... It was a lof ot fun... There's nothing like performing in front of a live audience!   Photo by John Fingal O'Donnell

Veteran actor Ed Asner and cast members in Dallas Bancroft's 2 part hit series Hollywood Shorts which was part of the popular and acclaimed Fringe Festival this year.  Congratulations to Dallas Bancroft & John Fingal O'Donnell.

Dallas Bancroft (right) & Dave Buzzotta... Photo courtesy Hollywood Shorts

Popular actor Steven Bauer and award winning actress/singer/director Yolanda Romersa show off their film festival bling for their critically acclaimed short film Paloma masterminded by Ms. Romersa based on her acclaimed musical play.  Next up for Ms. Romersa is her new family friendly short called The Reward (below)...  Here's to lots of awards  for The Reward!

Harrison Held plays a reporter interviewing Brian Lamont & Alden Lomeli who play2  young heroes in The Reward directed by Yolanda Romersa... Photo by Ramiro DeAnda

Mamie Van Doren became an Honorary Colonel recently at the American Legion in Hollywood... Photo by Harrison Held

Honorary Colonels Mamie Van Doren & Gina Elise... Photo by Harrison Held

A great evening....  Harrison Held, Kathleen Hughes, Mamie Van Doren and Thomas Dixon at the American Legion in Hollywood... Photo by Billy Bennight

Mamie Van Doren & Michael Hjelmstad

A great evening at the famous Dunbar Hotel where cast members showcased songs from their hit musical play The Magnificent Dunbar Hotel to raise funds to support traveling costs for the cast to perform at The National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, NC August 4th & 5th.  One of the show's highlights is Ethel Waters played by Elizabeth June and Lena Horne played by Tiffany Coty  (above) performing a hot rendition of Sweet Georgia Brown.... Photo by Tomoku Matsushita

Meet Us at the Dunbar

Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery in  Westwood

Fans pay tribute to the late Farrah Fawcett in Westwood...  Photos by Harrison Held

Honoring her memory six years later...  Farrah's pal Linda Aviles, Harrison Held and friends visit Farrah Fawcett's grave in the famous Westwood cemetery where she is buried.... RIP Farrah...  Photo by Samantha Bigioni

Thank you Councilman Tom La Bonge for all your years of much appreciated service for the city of Los Angeles!

Kudos to the multi talented Vida Ghaffari on her award from the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce seen here with Mario-Max Prinz Zu Schaumberg-Lippe....    It was a great party...  Photo by Billy Bennight

Funny guy Ken Davitian and friend at Vida Ghaffari's soiree... Photo by Billy Bennight

Excellent singer Nick Palance and friends raised funds and awareness for the homeless recently in Santa Monica... Thanxs to Dr. Estella Sneider for the invite to this great event... Photos by Billy Bennight

I was proud to attend the poignant Mickey Rooney Square Memorial held on Sunset Boulevard across from Hollywood High where Mickey attended school.  On hand to sing his praises were daughter Kelly Rooney, granddaughter Dominique Rooney plus friends and co-stars Margaret O'Brien and Marsha Hunt.  Councilman Tom LaBonge officiated the event and along with publicists Roger & Lynn Briggs Neal were instrumental in making this dedication happen. Great work team...   RIP Mickey... You are missed and very deserving of this and your many other honors....PS. I'm looking forward to seeing Roger C. Memos documentary called Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity September 13 at the AMC Theatres in Burbank...   Photos by Billy Bennight

Cast members of the hysterical new play The Claw at Theatre West on Cahuenga Boulevard... Catch it while you can... It's great!  Written by Chris DiGiovanni & directed by Linda Rand.  The Claw is part of Theatre West's Writers-In-Rep presentations for 2015.  Both of 2015's Writers-In-Rep shows are written by women and directed by women. For more information visit

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