Sunday, March 22, 2015

World Premier of Thieves

Addie Johnson & Samantha Soule in Thieves

I recently attended the riveting & shocking world premiere of Charlotte Miller's Thieves  at the Monroe Forum Theatre (named after Marilyn Monroe) at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.  The well produced 90 minute play directed by Daniel Talbott features an excellent cast in a very  dramatic & bizarre story.   Thieves definitely takes audiences on a walk on the very dark side.  The completely dysfunctional children  & ex-husband of recently deceased Lola, a Texas mother of modest means,  congregate on her farm after her death & all hell literally breaks loose.  If you ever thought your family was crazy you might not think they aren't quite as bad after seeing this fictional very dramatic story.  The play features a terrific cast consisting of Macleod Andrews as physically ailing brother Walter, Chris Bellant as innocent caretaker Jason caught in the eye of the storm, Addie Johnson as Lana's lover Holly, Sarah Shaefer & Samantha Soule as bitter dueling sisters Lottie & Lana plus John Wojda as Gordon the repentant alcoholic father possessed by more demons than any human being  should be.  This is a great but very gritty play so fasten your seatbelts for a very bumpy ride.  For more information about this production visit  HH

Thieves is a riveting new drama written by Charlotte Miller at the Monroe Forum Theatre... Photos by Ryan Miller

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